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where we eat, drink & breathe music!

The journey began when Tom decided to write a song for his brother’s wedding (the perfect 'get out' of buying a present excuse). The song went down a storm, the bride wept (tears of joy of course) and guests were heard saying ‘I wish I could write a song for someone, but I’m just not musical’.

Tom then had his 'aHA' moment, and it became his mission to find a way to solve this musical dilemma. It should probably be noted at this point, that this wasn’t the first time Tom had written a song. In fact, prior to that pivotal brainwave, Tom had spent many hours writing songs with all kinds of artists (you'll have to ask him nicely/give him a back rub to find out who).

So after a lot of hard work and over a years Netflix subscription completely wasted, Melodoo was born. Melodoo helps you to create a song for any occasion, whether it be for a birthday, Christmas, valentines... or even when the neighbour’s cat is getting neutered.

In our underground lab (a.k.a Tom’s loft) the Melodoo family have embraced singers, editors, developers, tea-bag squeezers, pillow fluffers and god knows what else in order to launch.

The journey has been amazing so far and the best part is, it has only just begun. Tom and the rest of the team hope that you enjoy using Melodoo, as much as they’ve enjoyed making it. Now, everyone can make a song, even when your idea of an arpeggio is some kind of Italian coffee!

Yours musically,

Melodoo x

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